Ohio Municipal Income Tax Service Inc. was founded in 1992 as a tax consulting company to assist municipalities in setting up municipal income tax offices and to provide a tax collection service for small municipalities. The services provided include ordinances, rules and regulations, forms design, computer programs and tax collection.

With over forty years of municipal tax experience, the founders utilized their experience to design a comprehensive municipal tax computer program. Taxman 2000plus is the latest edition of the computer system. The windows edition was designed to automate and eliminate duplication of effort in tax collection, while making the system affordable to its users.

Cities and villages considering starting a municipal tax or upgrading their systems are urged to contact the Ohio Municipal Income Tax Service by calling 402-216-8279 or email to Joe@Addasy.com for an onsite demonstration of Taxman 2000plus . The system is available in all states where cities and villages are permitted to collect municipal income tax.